What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

Before we clearly explain what web hosting is, it is essential to know that you would first be on course to create a website. So, a website needs where to store its files, images, and HTML codes; this is where web hosting comes to the fold. Web hosting accommodates those files, images, and HTML codes. Similarly, one would rent a physical store to keep items for their business; that is the same way a hosting service works. With those contents stored on a server, it makes it possible to view them online. So, the next question that should come to mind is, what is a server?

What is a Server?

A server is a system that allows you to link up with other web users to your site no matter where they find themselves around the world. Also, a web hosting service provider has all the requirements to host websites. With the hosting plan they offer, they can cater to both small blogs and larger organizations.

The next aspect to discuss is the types of web hosting. It is essential to know that websites vary in terms of needs. So, below are the types of web hosting.

Types of Web Hosting

There are six types of web hosting, and each of them is best used for various purposes.

  1. VPS hosting: This type of hosting is mainly used for businesses that gain lots of traffic on their sites and are willing to compensate for additional control and resources.
  2. Dedicated hosting: This hosting is similar to that of VPS hosting, given the fact that it is best for businesses that get a lot of traffic on the websites. Also, with the high traffic comes additional resources, and with that, they are willing to pay the higher monthly price.
  3. Shared hosting: This type of hosting is ideal for businesses with sites that are a bit small and entertain relatively low traffic. Also, they are willing to get the most affordable option.
  4. Reseller hosting: This type of hosting is best for businesses or sets of individuals who have attained some knowledge and intend to make money by having the server space resold to potential customers.
  5. Cloud hosting: This type of hosting is most suitable for average or rather medium size websites that would require more resources than shared hosting. Also, they are willing to handle increased traffic should there be any.
  6. ECommerce hosting: This type of hosting is mostly used by online stores that are prepared to sell their products through the websites. Aside from the online stores, the brick and mortar businesses fall in this category as they all intend to have their products sold on the website.

So, having discussed the types of web hosting, it is best we look at how then does one picks a web host.

How to pick a Web Host?

For prospective business owners, selecting the right web hosting service provider is one area that should not be discarded as it is very much important. Also, it is important to know that even those free web hosting isn’t entirely free, as they indeed come with a cost. So, when deciding, you should consider the following:

  • Bandwidth allowance: In short, this talks about the traffic or data transfer. Finding out if the hosting can provide enough space is one area that would help in selecting a web host.
  • Upgrade options: Another area to consider, especially when picking a web host, is if they create room for the advancement or development of your website. If there isn’t any option made available, then you may have to look elsewhere.
  • Advertising: Not every client is accommodating when it comes to free host putting advertising on their sites so as to offset the cost of the free web space. To avoid such situations, it is expected that you look through those free web hosting to see if there is an exchange for free adverts before proceeding to sign up.

In conclusion, having discussed what web hosting is, as well as looking at the various types available, it is then assumed that you are fully up to date about web hosting.

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